Padre Pio – Bilocation


Bilocation means being in two different places at the same time.    That’s impossible for us to do – we can only be in one place at any given time.    But so many were the calls on Padre Pio for his help that he was blessed with this ability.   He could be in  two different places at once.    It was a gift that was given to him by God.

Often he appeared to people who had never seen him before but who had sought his help in their hour of need.   He appeared to people all over Italy and even in foreign countries far distant from there.    He hurried to the bedside of the sick who asked for his presence and his care.

Father Fernando writes  ” One day in 1922 the friars of San Giovanni Rotondo were talking about the bilocation of Saint Anthony of Padua as it was close to his feast day.    One young friar observed that perhaps those so privileged were not aware of their bilocation.    Padre Pio with the assurance of an expert answered   ” Of course they know.    They might not know whether it’s their body or their soul that moves but they are fully aware of what is taking place and where they are going “.

In 1956 one of the community Father Francesco Napolitano had just returned from the United States.     In the refectory when the friars were at meals he often spoke about his trip and especially about New York.    Padre Pio always enjoyed listening to him.   Once he asked Padre Pio  ” Have you ever been to New York Padre ?”     Without thinking he replied  ” Oh yes.    You have been there once.    I’ve been there hundreds of times “.     Then Father Eusebio came up with a question   ” When you are in America what language do you speak ?”    Padre Pio replied brusquely  ” Italian  of course.    How many miracles do you expect the Lord to work for me ?”

On another occasion when he was presented with some pilgrims who asked for his prayers one lady spoke up.    ” Father I call on you constantly.     I keep inviting you but you never come “.      ” Yes ” replied Padre Pio  ” do you think I am deaf ?     You have exasperated me with your constant little complaints.    It would be better if you had a little faith in God “.

On the feast of Corpus Christi, June 12th, 1952 Lucia Bellodi was lying on her death bed.

When she was fourteen years of age Lucia developed serious diabetes. As she grew older her diabetes got worse. Her stomach became very swollen and she had an insatiable thirst. She used to drink about fifty pints of water every day.

Then on the feast of Corpus Christi she stopped drinking water and asked to be taken to the chapel.   While there she drank no water and even refused it when offered to her.   Suddenly she opened her eyes, sat up in bed and began waving her arms as if she were overcome by joy.    She cried out   ” Padre Pio told me I am cured.   He told me to get up and to come at once to his monastery because he wanted to bless me and praise God with me.”    She was completely cured.

Later she visited San Giovanni Rotondo and met Padre Pio.   He smiled at her, blessed her and said “I have been waiting for you”.

In World War II  an Italian regiment was being fiercely shelled by the Allies, one of the Italian soldiers had taken cover behind a large rock.   Suddenly a “monk” as he called him stood next to him and told him to get out from behind the rock.    The soldier refused until eventually the monk caught him by the arm and physically dragged him away.    At that very moment a shell exploded where they had stood and devastated the whole area.    The soldier was safe.    The monk had disappeared.

A few days later the soldier told a friend what had happened.     The friend showed him a picture of Padre Pio which he had with him.    ” That’s the monk who saved my life ”  the soldier exclaimed.    He had never seen or heard of Padre Pio before that.

The  Capuchin superior wrote    ” An elderly lady in America contracted cancer and could not be cured.     She would die.     One day a friend gave her a picture of Padre Pio and said ‘ This friar can cure you ‘.    The lady had never even heard of Padre Pio.    Then one night he appeared to her and asked her to become a Catholic and he assured her that she would be cured.    Later the woman called a priest and after a long period of instruction she was baptised and became a Catholic.    She was cured of her cancer and afterwards lived a normal life.

On another occasion Padre Pio was seen in the Vatican kneeling and praying at the tomb of Pope Saint Pius X.

In Uruguay in South America Monsignor Damiani was vicar general of the diocese.    On one of his frequent visits to Padre Pio he asked him to promise that he would assist him at the hour of his death.    One night in 1941 the Archbishop Barbieri was awakened by a knock on his bedroom door.    In the shadows he saw a Capuchin priest who said to him  ” Go and help Monsignor Damiani,  he is dying “.     He got up and hurried to the dying man’s bedside.    Father Navarro administered the last rites and a half hour later he died.    Years later Archbishop Barbieri went to San Giovanni Rotondo  and he confirmed that the Capuchin he had seen in the shadows was Padre Pio.




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