Padre Pio – Curing Children

   Leonello Marinelli  was inspector of public buildings in Corciano in Italy.  For some time he and his wife were weighed down at seeing their ten year old little   boy lingering with a terrible illness for which they could find  no  cure, despite repeated treatment by several doctors.        Then his condition grew worse and all hope of saving him was abandoned.    The local doctor called in a specialist from Florence but after extensive tests he came to the same conclusion.    The boy had a serious heart disease which had produced extensive swelling all over his body.     He could not be cured.

One evening after yet another examination the boy in a weak and barely audible voice asked his father to go to Padre Pio to beg him for a cure.    His father promised to go the next day but the boy insisted he go at once.    His poor father took the train that very same day.    When he appeared before Padre Pio, before he had said  a word the Padre assured him that his son was better and would slowly be cured.      The man was overjoyed and wanted to get home immediately.    The Padre advised him to stay until the next day so that he could attend his mass and receive communion.    Afterwards in confession he repeated his assurances – in two months the boy would be completely cured.

On retuning home Marinelli heard from his son that on the night that he met Padre Pio the Padre had also  appeared to him with bleeding stigmata on his hands.   After this vision the boy grew slowly better, the swelling went down and the heart condition almost disappeared.    Two months later he was completely cured, just as Padre Pio had predicted.

Mario and Adele Lacitignola had a three year old daughter, Anna Clara, who suddenly developed infantile paralysis.    After three months of treatment by doctors and specialists there were no signs of improvement.

Then her grandmother, without telling the family, decided to go to San Giovanni Rotondo.   She arrived late one evening but was up next morning at five o’clock to assist at mass and to  wait her turn for confession but as soon as she knelt before Padre Pio she was unable to open her mouth.    Before she had uttered a word Padre Pio said ” What ?   You have come about the girl.  Go home and you will find the girl well and pray to Our Lord for a cure “.   She kissed his hand and went off very happy.    When she got home she learnt that at the same time that she had met Padre Pio Anna Clara had managed to sit up in her bed spontaneously  and she showed a marked improvement in her condition.    From then on she got better and better until she was completely cured and she grew up to be a healthy, robust and very bright young woman.

A young girl called Nicoletta developed bronchitis, pneumonia and meningitis and became delirious causing her brain damage and paralysis of the tongue.   The doctors, seeing that their treatment was proving useless told her parents that they could do no more for the child.   They also said that even if she ever got better she would remain deaf and dumb and also blind.   Later at the insistence of his family the father, despite his scepticism, went to San Giovanni Rotondo to see Padre Pio.   When he recommended his daughter to him the Padre just smiled and said ” Go home and be happy.   Our Lady of Graces will make her well “.   Thinking that the Padre did not understand the seriousness of his daughter’s situation he told of what the doctors had said and that even if she got well she would still be deaf, dumb and blind.   The Padre, a little annoyed, said  ” Man of little faith, I told you to go home and be glad that Our Lady of Graces has healed her “.   He went home on the train and was met at the railway station by his wife who was overjoyed and told him that the dying child had spoken without difficulty and said that she was hungry.    From that day on Nicoletta steadily improved until she was completely cured and no defects remained.   The doctors who saw her were astonished and said that she had returned from the grave.

More remarkable miracles worked by the grace of God through the powerful intercession of Padre Pio.   We ask for his blessing and we ask him to intercede for us.

Padre Pio by your prayers gain for us all that we lovingly ask of you.



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