Padre Pio – More Miracles

gemma di g

Gemma di Giorgio was born on Christmas Day, 1939. But all was not well. She had no pupils in her eyes. The oculist told her that she would never be able to see.

The pupil is the black part at the centre of the eye. In fact it is an opening that allows light to enter the eye. Without puplils no light can get into the eye. Gemma would always be blind.

When she was six years of age her grandmother brought her to San Giovanni Rotondo to ask for Padre Pio’s help and prayers. Gemma was to make her first confession to him and receive her First Holy Communion. They joined the crowd outside the confessional. Then Padre Pio looked out and motioned Gemma to come to him. Her grandmother pushed her forward and told her to be sure to ask for the favour. But Gemma had no idea what a favour was. She forgot to ask Padre Pio, but after confession he made the sign of the cross on each eye. Gemma could see!

The doctors could not explain it. She still had no pupils but she could see.

In 1968 Giuseppe Scatigna developed a red spot in his groin. The doctors said it was nothing but it was very painful and did not go away. Giuseppe and his wife went to Lourdes to ask Our Lady and Padre Pio to cure it.

Then the doctor said an operation was necessary. They opened his groin and found a tumor which later proved to be malignant. The doctors sent him home from the hospital even before the incision had closed as they though he would die.

His wife went to the superior of San Giovanni and asked him to pray with all the friars for Giuseppe. He was so touched by her tears that he brought her a piece of cloth that had been used by Padre Pio and told her to put it on the sick part of his body.

A few days later the doctor took more x-rays and this time he was puzzled. He told the wife “I don’t know but these x-ray show that there is nothing wrong. I can’t see any tumor.” She replied “Oh! that means Padre Pio has finally worked the miracle.”

The doctor dismissed Giuseppe with the words “You can go home now, there is nothing I can do for you.” Giuseppe returned home to Palermo. He took no medication, he was completely well, he even put on a little weight and all subsequent medical examinations showed no sign of the cancer returning.

Margherita  Hamilton had her friend Giovanna staying with her. They were walking on the terrace.   Giovanna remarked “What a beautiful rose. Can I take it please.” “No” was the answer, “that is the first rose – it must go to the Madonna.” The next day another rose had opened. Margherita cut it and her friend told her to give it to Padre Pio. She put it in a little vase beside a picture of the Padre. The next day the rose had disappeared. A thorough search proved fruitless. “It seems that Padre Pio has accepted it” Giovanna said.

About three weeks later they went to San Giovanni Rotondo and met Padre Pio. He had the rose in his hand. “Thank you very much for the rose” he said and he gave it back to them. Giovanna had it framed and hung it up in her house.

A year after the death of Padre Pio, Margherita and a friend went for a drive. After about an hour Margherita got very thirsty. Her mouth was completely dry and she could hardly speak. “Please stop soon when you see somewhere we can get something to drink. I am very thirsty and it’s terrible.” she said.

Finally they came to the place where they could turn off and leave the car. As they walked to the cafe they heard this terrible bang. They went in and asked the proprietor if someone had thrown a bomb. “Oh no” he replied “there’s just been a crash outside”

As they looked they saw a truck that had been following them stuck into the back of the truck that had been in front. If they had not stopped, if Magherita had not been thirsty their car would have been crushed between the two. “I saw the hand of Padre Pio in this as my thirst immediately disappeared” she said.

But also, when they returned another friend came rushing to greet her. “It’s a miracle that you see me” Margherita told her. “I know” said her friend “I had a dream of Padre Pio and I asked him how you were” she said “Oh Margherita!” he replied,. “You can thank me because if it had not been for me you would never see her again.” Padre Pio told her that and without that she could not have known.

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