Padre Pio – The Power of Prayer

During the war Padre Pio assured his friends that San Giovanni Rotondo would not be bombed. It wasn’t , although nearby Foggia was heavily bombed. A man asked him if they would bomb Genoa. He answered “Genoa will be bombed”, then he grew pale and his eyes filled with tears. “Oh how they will bomb that poor city. So many homes, building and churches will crumble”. But then he turned to the man and smiled. “Don’t worry. Your home will not be damaged.” In the mass of ruins that Genoa was reduced to just one building remained standing. It was that man’s house.

One day a man called Pietruccio complained to Padre Pio: “I can’t pray very attentively”. Padre Pio answered him: “In that case go near Our Lord in the Church without saying anything. It is enough if you just give him your time.”

And again, “On some occasions he will console you, but even if that never happens be content. Our obligation is to follow him. Consider it an honour and a grace that he should take us into his presence”.

“In this way don’t bother yourself about speaking to him. Just standing by his side is no less useful. Perhaps it is even better, though it doesn’t appeal to us as much”".

How often have we felt like that. We find ourselves unable to pray. Padre Pio tells us to just spend time with Jesus and not to worry about words, or what to say.

He recommended regular Mass and confession and also devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of God.  His devotion to Our Lady centred mainly on the Rosary which he also recommended to his followers.

One day Padre Eusebio visited Padre Pio in his room proud to tell him that he had said fifteen decades of the rosary. “I thought I had prayed enough to earn a word of praise from him”. He then asked Padre Pio how many rosaries he had said that  day. Padre Pio replied “I have said sixty rosaries of fifteen decades each. But keep that to yourself.”  Amazed Padre Eusebio asked “But Padre Pio how can you pray that much?” to which he got the reply. “How can you not pray that much.”

He never left the rosary out of his hands. One of his brothers remarked “I am surprised it didn’t take root in his fingers”. From morning till night he constantly fingered the beads that hung from his belt.

As well as devotion to St. Francis and to his guardian angel Padre Pio had a great devotion to St. Dominic and St. Catherine of Siena because of their devotion to Our Lady of the Rosary. Every day he prayed to St. Joesph.  For two to three months before he died he asked to have a picture of St. Joseph put on the verandah and as he passed on his way to bless the crowds he stopped there and prayed. One of the brothers said “We never realised at the time that he was praying to St. Joseph, the patron of happy death.”

We could count in millions the number of Padre Pio’s followers who loved him dearly. Their letters attest to this. The friars saved all these letters and built a storeroom like a big garage next to the friary. Eventually the storeroom became full with an estimated two million letters from all over the world thanking Padre Pio for favours, small and great. Then in 1968 a visitator from the Vatican ordered that all those letters be destroyed. Obediently the Capuchins did what he said. The loss was irreparable.

The people who wrote to Padre Pio before his death were told by him to live a christian life by keeping the commandments. Now that Padre Pio is in heaven we can be sure that he will accept everybody on the same terms. People who have asked a favour of him are amazed at the protection they receive and at the peace and joy they experience. There is no harm in putting Padre Pio to the test.


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