Padre Pio – The Miracles

Giovanni Savino and his son



In 1949 some workmen were building a small extension to the friary. While digging the foundations they came across a huge rock which had to be removed. They set a charge of dynamite under the rock, lit the fuse and retreated to safety. They waited a minute but nothing happened. They waited more but still no explosion. Then one of the men, Giovanni Savino went up to have a look. Suddenly the dynamite exploded in his face.    ( Pictured on left are Giovanni Savino and his son ).

A shower of rock hit him in the face which was badly burned .    The doctor confirmed  his right eye socket was completely empty.

He was taken to the hospital in Foggia to recover. There the words of Padre Pio before the accident began to make sense. Each morning, after mass, Giovanni would kneel and say “Padre Pio, bless me I am going to work” and he would put his hands on his head and bless him. But on the day of the accident Padre Pio threw his arms around him and said “Courage,  I’ll pray to the Lord that it may not cause your death”. I didn’t know what he was talking about.

After about ten days he awoke one morning at about one o’clock. He felt someone give him a light slap on the right side of the face, where the eye was gone. “Who touched me?” he asked, but there was nobody there. Then he smelted the aroma of Padre Pio -  a beautiful scent often associated with him.

The next day they took him to the oculist for treatment to his left eye. The right eye was gone. When the oculist removed the bandages Giovanni excitedly exclaimed “Doctor, I can see you.” The oculist turned his head so he was looking at him with his left eye. “No” Giovanni protested “I can see nothing with my left eye. It’s with my right eye that I see you.” “Are you crazy ” the oculist asked “you don’t have a right eye!” “I see you with my right eye” Giovanni assured him.

The oculist was an atheist. Eventually he examined the right eye socket yet again. To his amazement the eye was in the socket. “Now I believe” said the oculist because of what I have seen for myself.”

Laurino Costa lived in Padua. He had never heard of Padre Pio but a friend told him he had been to see him and he gave him his address and a photograph of the Padre. Laurino was fascinated by him and within a few days he wrote a letter to Padre Pio and soon received a reply telling him to go to San Giovanni Rotondo immediately.

He had never seen Padre Pio and the Padre had never seen him but when he arrived Padre Pio called out “Laurino, come. I see you have arrived. Now go feed my sick.” “But Padre, I am not a cook. I don’t know how to cook meals.” “Go. I’ll always be near you” was the reply.

He began cooking and felt as though it had always been his trade. He catered for eight hundred people each day. Eventualy he moved his family from the north of Italy to live in San Giovanni. After the death of Padre Pio, Laurino remained as cook for the hospital.

Shortly before his death, Padre Pio told a crowd of his spiritual children: “I will wait for you at the gates of heaven”. Today as we gather to honour him he says to us: “I will wait for you at the gates of heaven.”

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